Hi, I am Norton.

Portrait and Wedding photographer based in the greater Seattle area for over a decade, someone who enjoys the beauty of the PNW backdrop and likes to use it on every opportunity possible.

I enjoy tying People and Scenery together, and exploring the most of it, doesn't necessarily have to be in Nature, be it in an Urban setting as well, Seattle and its surroundings possess film-like places to explore and I love to do it with each and every client. Fitting a unique setting to complement your personal profile or an idea you have in mind.

I edit all of my work, I never outsource, so you can rest assured that all the work isn't rushed, and the most is being extracted from what we create together. Not a single project yield the exact same result, which gives its own unique flair tailored to you, yet having my personal style tied to it.

Having experience with many wedding venues of all sizes and styles I am versatile indoors or outdoors.